Cabcharge Card

ComCab’s Cabcharge card offers a convenient and cost effective method of utilising our services, which is available to all our account customers at no extra charge.

The Cabcharge card is attached to the main customer taxi account; however, each card has its own unique account number and a four digit PIN which will both be allocated at the time of booking.

Cabcharge has many benefits these include:

  • Full User Control
  • ComCab iPhone app bookings
  • Personal & Corporate Service via our “Gemini” Cabcharge card
  • Elevated status for senior members of staff (“Gold Card” facility)
  • UK & International Service
  • Security & Identity unique to each individual user
  • Priority Phone Booking Number
  • "Personalised Online Booking System" for each Cabcharge card.

Our Cabcharge cards can be tailored with varying business rules and individual profiling; this means we can meet your specific needs, for example, restricting usage to specified hours or particular destinations. This allows for full flexibility on your account and makes sure you truly get what you want!

The Cabcharge card can be used throughout the UK via our vast network of service providers and also internationally which allows the user to book airport transfers in many cities across the world online.

“Gemini” cards offer a whole new dimension of user control by capturing, at the point of booking, whether the journey is a corporate or personal journey. For all personal journeys the individual would get billed directly and for all corporate journeys the company would be invoiced as normal. Gemini helps to identify true business spend and helps to eradicate any out of policy trips.

ComCab also offers a “Gold Card” service on our Cabcharge cards. This facility allows us and our drivers to recognise important company individuals clearly and quickly. Having this status gives the individual priority over other individuals within the same pick-up region. However, these cards are issued sparingly to make sure the benefits of this service are not diluted!

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Convenient and cost effective